Flue gas VOC online monitoring system

Flue gas VOC online monitoring system

The VOC online monitoring platform based on the Internet of Things consists of multiple monitoring points communicating with the server through the Internet of Things.

Flue gas VOC online monitoring system


The monitoring methods for VOC gas monitoring mainly use photoionization technology to make VOC monitors, which are mainly divided into online VOC monitors and portable VOC monitors. Although portable VOC monitors are convenient to carry and small in size, they are not suitable for real-time online monitoring of VOC gases. Although online VOC monitors support functions such as real-time online monitoring, real-time data update, and data upload, they use wired data transmission to realize data upload, which is not conducive to the distribution of multiple VOC monitors. The Jingxun Changtong VOC online monitoring system collects organized and unorganized environmental data under a variety of complex environmental conditions, and uploads it to the server through the wireless network. The back-end personnel can query the surrounding environmental data through the terminal in real time. The limitations of traditional manual sampling range, data accuracy, real-time and other issues.

The goal of building:

Provide data and information for environmental management and environmental scientific research;

Determine the source of pollution to provide a further theoretical basis for the study of air pollution;

Obtain the environmental pollution status data of the current area to provide a data basis for future environmental quality evaluation;

Obtain the distribution status of air pollutants, which can be used to predict the trend of pollution, trace the source of pollutants, etc.;

Provide feedback on the actual effects of pollution prevention measures.

Monitoring parameters:

Monitoring indicators: S02, NOX, 02, CO, C02, HCL, HFCH4, smoke, temperature and humidity, pressure and other detection factors;

Application object: mining area, chemical industry area, medicine, printing industry, etc.

sensor detector

Monitoring equipment:

The organic volatile online monitoring system is a high-performance environmental monitoring equipment that can carry 6 gas indicators at the same time. At the same time, it is equipped with special analysis software, which allows users to check gas concentration and composition more intuitively.

Based on traditional technology, the built-in optical PID sensor of the analyzer improves the stability of the equipment for civilian use, can effectively resist the influence of weather, air pressure, wind speed and other uncertain factors, and achieves fast and stable effects with multiple cables. In terms of the safety of the hardware itself, by changing the shell material to ensure the safety of the internal circuit, achieve the effect of moisture and pressure resistance, ensure the smooth progress of the monitoring process, and complete the quality and quantity of the monitoring tasks.

Monitoring cloud platform:

The VOC online monitoring platform based on the Internet of Things consists of multiple monitoring points communicating with the server through the Internet of Things. The additional measurement points can not only monitor the data of the relevant pollutants in the atmosphere, but also set the parameters, and the server can perform statistical analysis on the collected monitoring data. The environmental protection department can check by viewing the chart analysis and other methods to realize the monitoring area. It is an unmanned management method of real-time data transmission and automatic analysis of the system.

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