Smart Agriculture: Agricultural Environmental Weather Station

Smart Agriculture: Agricultural Environmental Weather Station

Improve the ability of agricultural production to respond to natural environmental risks, so that the disadvantaged and traditionally unified agriculture will become a modern industry with high efficiency and integrity.

Smart Agriculture: Agricultural Environmental Weather Station

The comprehensive agricultural meteorological monitoring station is independently developed and produced by Jingxun Changtong. Its biggest "bright spot" is the Jingxun cloud platform and APP. You can view real-time data online through webpages or mobile phones no matter where you are, and monitor in real time. Deal with the situation in time to increase crop yields.

sensor detector

Main features of agricultural weather station host and transmission part:

1. The host displays the collected data in real time, and the data collection time, storage and sending time interval and IP address can be set remotely through the web terminal.

2. Modular design, the sensor can be arbitrarily configured through the host menu, such as wind speed sensor, rain sensor, rain and snow sensor, etc., various parameters can be freely selected and matched.

3. Users can choose network GPRS mode, 4G, NB-iot transmission according to their needs.

4. The data can be uploaded to the computer designated by yourself or to the general server, which can be switched and has no effect.

5. With GPS function: The specific geographic location of the equipment and data collection point can be known through GPS.

6. With a camera, you can take real-time photos and upload the seedlings to the Jingxun cloud platform.

Cloud platform features:

1. The smart agricultural cloud management platform includes a B/S architecture, which can summarize and analyze all portable and online device data, and back up data to prevent loss. The viewing operation methods include web and mobile terminals (available for both Android and Apple systems).

2. Display the process curve trend of each parameter, display and view the maximum, minimum, and average values, zoom in and zoom out.

3. Data can be uploaded to the management cloud platform. The data in the platform can be downloaded, compared and analyzed, and printed.

4. The user can configure sensor alarm conditions for the device, and preset alarm configurations for several commonly used crops.

5. The platform supports cloud storage of device data, providing sufficient capacity for long-term storage.

6. The platform provides report forms such as curves and tables for equipment data, and the data can be exported and imported.

7. Data evaluation: You can set the minimum and maximum limit values, and automatically perform data early warning analysis.

8. The software can be upgraded online.

Application of agricultural weather station:

The agricultural weather station can be used in conjunction with the integrated water and fertilizer machine, or used in smart fields and smart greenhouses. It uses accurate agricultural sensors for real-time monitoring, and uses cloud computing, data mining and other technologies to perform multi-level analysis to improve the agricultural situation. The ability to cope with natural environmental risks has turned the disadvantaged traditional agriculture into a modern industry with high efficiency and integration.