Atmospheric environment monitoring solution

Atmospheric environment monitoring solution

Urban atmospheric environment monitoring is an arduous and long-term governance measure that requires a lot of energy, manpower, material resources, and financial resources to improve governance.

Atmospheric environment monitoring solution


The atmospheric environment monitoring system adopts a small and intelligent air quality monitoring micro-station to construct a grid monitoring network, and uses the Internet of Things technology to obtain real-time data of each monitoring point, and presents an air quality map based on GIS technology. The system will monitor the air quality monitoring data of various regional monitoring points in real time. At the same time, through the analysis and judgment of the monitoring data, it can provide services such as air quality early warning, main pollutant source analysis, pollution source traceability, and air quality report.

system design:

1. The system online monitoring equipment includes environmental monitoring equipment and video monitoring equipment. Different parameters can be selected according to different needs. The fixed indicators are PM2.5, PM10, oxygen, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Optional indicators include TVOCs, Atmospheric humidity, atmospheric temperature, wind speed, wind direction, noise, etc.

2. The online testing equipment is connected to the 4G DTU or router through the RS232/485 bus, and the collected environmental values are quickly uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform of the environmental protection department or the human cloud environmental monitoring platform in real time.

3. The on-site video camera is connected to a 4G DTU or industrial router, and the video is transmitted to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through a 4G network or wired way to realize remote real-time visual monitoring of the environmental scene.

4. After the data is uploaded to the cloud platform, the staff can quickly obtain on-site information and on-site environmental status through the server; the platform supports functions such as data analysis and configuration display to facilitate further analysis and processing of data in the later stage.

Monitoring factors:

O3, SO2, NO2, CO, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, environmental noise, light, etc.

System Features:

◆ The system has stable performance, small size and high cost performance, suitable for grid online monitoring; ◆ Modular product design, pump-suction monitoring, fast response, with filter function, convenient for later maintenance; ◆ Color touchable display screen, perfect display Various monitoring parameters; ◆ Original imported four-electrode gas sensor with stable performance and high resolution; ◆ With three-level point calibration function to ensure the accuracy and long-term stability of the measurement; ◆ With data storage and data export functions; ◆ Rainproof Dust-proof shell and double-layer protection chassis design ensures safety; ◆ The internal and external circulation design of dual fans inside the chassis increases air flow and greatly improves performance stability.

sensor detector

Solution application:

◆ Urban air quality monitoring, long-term air quality trend analysis; ◆ Grid monitoring of air quality by relevant administrative departments of provinces, cities, counties (districts), towns (village or street offices); ◆ densely populated areas such as communities, schools, and hospitals Air quality monitoring; ◆ Atmospheric monitoring of industrial areas, petroleum and petrochemicals, power plants, landfill incineration stations, sewage treatment plants, storage facilities, and underground facilities; ◆ Air quality monitoring of urban roads, airports, ports, railways, tunnels, and construction sites ;◆ Air quality monitoring in parks, woodlands, crop research and other open places; ◆Particulate matter and pollution source emission monitoring; ◆Environmental quality assessment;

Urban atmospheric environment monitoring is an arduous and long-term governance measure that requires a lot of energy, manpower, material resources, and financial resources to improve governance. By deploying the urban atmospheric environment monitoring system, it can accurately and effectively solve outstanding problems of atmospheric pollution, and provide data support and decision-making basis for management departments to govern in accordance with the law.