• Characteristics of water ph sensor

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    These sensors are designed to accurately measure the pH level of water and provide valuable information for quality control and analysis. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of water pH sensors​ and their working principles.

  • Which Soil PH Meter Should You Buy?

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    The accuracy of a soil pH meter is not the same as that of a test tool, but the difference is not huge.

  • How Does A PH Probe Work?

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    The pH probe contains two electrodes (a sensor electrode and a reference electrode) that measure hydrogen ion activity in solution. The ion exchange produces a voltage, which the pH meter converts into a readable pH value.

  • What is a PH meter and its functional features?

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    A pH meter is a water quality sensor used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, also called a pH sensor.

  • Aquaculture is inseparable from the application of water quality PH sensor

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    In aquaculture, the survival rate of cultured species is the most concerned indicator of farmers.

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