soil tester Soil nutrient tester/soil PH meter/soil EC/soil NPK sensor with display

Soil parameter quick tester, integrated with various soil sensors, can quickly detect soil moisture, temperature, pH, NPK nutrients, small size portable soil detector, easy to use, can reach accuracy

  • Color: black
  • Model: JXBS-3001-TR-th
sensor detector
Jingxun soil parameter quick measuring instrument has high precision. It can monitor soil temperature and humidity,pH value, nitrogen,phosphorus, potassium and electrical conductivity.It is simple and convenient, with low cost and fast measurement speed.

Product features:
Battery powered,Sensitive probe,LCD digital display,Multiple parameters,The measurement is accurate,Stable performance.

Measurement method
Jingxunchangtiong soil parameter speedometer uses advanced FDR measurement methods,FDR is a new generation of soil measurement technology using the frequency domain reflection electromagnetic pulse count to measure soil.

FDR measurement methods:
High precision: can achieve accuracy within 3%;Good consistency: electromagnetic non-contact measurement is used to enhance stability,measurement accuracy does not deviate over time, extending life.

Capacitive measurement method:
Low precision: low measurement accuracy, generally greater than 5% accuracy.Poor consistency: Capacitive is a contact measurement method.With the increase of service time, electrode oxidation, reading deviation,with the serious impact of environment and time, there is no reference significance.

Application range of soil sensor
Application Environment:
Comprehensive care for all kinds of flowers and plants,It is suitable for many kinds of gardening places and for soil testing in all kinds of planting places. Only suitable sensors are prepared for you.

Difference between single-needle and three-needle soil parameter sensors:

Monitoring parameters:
Soil moisture monitoring
convenient watering
Plant growth depends on soil moisture to open water source for you at any time.
Soil temperature detection
Easy to understand
Soil temperature determines the living environment of the plant to create a standard greenhouse for your soil.
Soil pH test
Accurate control
Soil pH affects plant growth and protects your soil acid-base balance.
Soil NPK detection
Test at any time
Soil NPK is an important nutrient element for plant growth and promotes plant growth.
Soil conductivity test
Rational planting
Soil conductivity reflects soil salinity and affects soil nutrient conversion and effectiveness.
Product parameters and Product screen display:



Product advantages:





How to use soil sensors:

①The steel needle must be fully inserted into the soil during the measurement.
②Avoid strong sunlight directly on the sensor and cause the temperature to be too high.
③Do not violently bend the steel needle, do not pull the sensor lead wire, do not hit or violently hit the sensor.
④Due to the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, it is not suitable to be energized in the air for a long time.
⑤Use in the field to prevent lightning strikes.


Product picture: