• What is smart agriculture?

    JXCT 2023-01-29 14:01:49 Publication Read

    Smart agriculture is a fairly new term and mode of agricultural production, and most farmers are not familiar with the real meaning behind it. In this blog, we will clarify the concept of smart agriculture and why it is the future of agriculture.

  • The Introduction to Water Quality Monitoring

    JXCT 2023-01-29 13:40:48 Publication Read

    Have you ever stopped to think about how we get information about the condition of our nation's streams, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters? Are the waters safe enough for swimming, fishing, or drinking? Water quality monitoring provides this basic information.

  • How Do Electrochemical Gas Sensors Work?

    JXCT 2023-01-19 13:39:22 Publication Read

    Electrochemical gas sensors are sensors that use chemical reactions to measure the concentration of specific gases in the environment. Electrochemical sensors have many different applications, and they continue to play an important role in many fields.

  • How Do Gas Detectors Work?

    JXCT 2023-01-19 13:07:51 Publication Read

    Gas detectors are instruments designed to detect gas concentrations in the environment and provide a vital first line of defense against the dangers of undetected gas leaks on board.

  • NDIR Gas Sensors Working Principle

    JXCT 2023-01-16 13:33:18 Publication Read

    NDIR gas sensors can detect a decrease in transmitted infrared light proportional to the gas concentration. The transmittance, the ratio of transmitted radiation energy to incident energy, depends on the target gas concentration.

  • How does an Oxygen Sensor Work?

    JXCT 2023-01-16 13:11:43 Publication Read

    What is an oxygen sensor? How do an oxygen sensor work? While there are many types of oxygen sensors, there are three main ways they work.

  • What Is The Multi Gas Detector?

    JXCT 2023-01-12 13:05:34 Publication Read

    One of the questions that customers often ask in the gas detection industry is what is a multi gas detector?

  • IoT-Based Smart Water Quality Monitoring

    JXCT 2023-01-12 11:37:24 Publication Read

    Water pollution is one of the most important environmental pollution problems, which poses a great threat to all living things. No wonder the need for technology to monitor water quality is so great. This paper introduces what the Smart Water quality monitoring (SWQM) system based on the Internet of Things is, its five hardware components and advantages.